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It didn’t really matter what we expected of life, but rather what life expected from us.
Victor Frankl
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Brainswarm Instead of Brainstorm « Interaction Institute for Social Change Blog

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This is really special. I’ve been moved by this since I first heard Paul Stewart (whose birthday is today!) talk about it at last year’s Social Change Institute.

We’ve been star gazers since the beginning of time. Our ancestors found wisdom, mystery, awe and guidance in the stars.

I was in Haiti three years ago, and there is no money waste there - no energy to waste.  I still get chills all over my body as I remember gazing up up at the skies and seeing the Milky Way stretched out before me.  And her we were, our pale blue dot, floating in this ocean of stars.

We have forgotten so much.

And we’ve let the stars disappear from our eyes.

Every stage in humanity’s cultural evolution comes with its own map of the world. I am bought into the argument the argument that the transformation we seek demands a new map, a new cosmology.

When we become able to take on a cosmic view, when our bodies can understand the radical uniqueness of this sphere called earth, floating in an ocean of space, we might finally be able to do what it takes to save it and ourselves.

Stop the Busy



I am grateful to my dear friend Chad Uhlenhopp Jones for getting me hip to this post by Guy Kawasaki. He points to Arianna Huffington taking on our culture’s glorification of busy with a very powerful alternative: Thriving!

Our two main metrics for success are money and power, and…

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I get angry « Interaction Institute for Social Change Blog

I have seen it over and over again.  Activists and organizers are rallied by anger, find a positive expression for it, and eventually get stuck trying to live a life for justice that is fueled by it.  It becomes depleting.  The opposite of life giving.  That’s the biggest problem with anger, that it is not a sustainable fuel… READ MORE ON THE #IISC BLOG

I get Angry

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